Jessica's Story

Revolutionizing Education

At WHILDE, we're not just changing the way education is delivered; we're transforming lives, one child at a time.

Education transcends mere knowledge acquisition. It's about nurturing the spirit, igniting creativity, and empowering each child to reach their fullest potential.

Jessica Molloy

The Journey to Personalized Learning

In 2012, driven by a passion for personalized education and a vision to make learning engaging and impactful, Jessica Molloy founded WHILDE, initially named "Learning With Fun." Her belief in personalized learning—where students are encouraged to learn, grow, and take risks in an enjoyable environment—has been the cornerstone of our approach.

Jessica's experience in both public and private educational settings highlighted the limitations of traditional teaching methods in fostering individual growth. Despite her efforts as a teacher and tutor, her desire to make a significant difference led her to establish WHILDE in 2016. Her journey reflects our commitment to creating learning experiences tailored to each student's unique needs and aspirations.


Embracing Whole Child Education

With over fifteen years of experience working with students facing behavioral or learning challenges, Jessica Molloy has been a pioneer in adopting a holistic educational approach. The WHILDE Method is the embodiment of this experience, focusing on nurturing the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical dimensions of every student. This holistic perspective is foundational to our methodology, ensuring that we create an optimal learning environment tailored to inspire not just academic excellence but also significant life achievements in all students.
Whole Child Education

WHILDE:  A Comprehensive Approach to Education

WHILDE is reshaping education for neurodiverse learners and those with executive function challenges by uniting Holistic Education and student well-being into the learning process through its WHILDE Method.

Integrating Academic Learning (AL) and Student Well-Being (SWB), influenced by the WHILDE Method’s six core attributes: Behavior, Aspiration, Interests, Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep (B·A·I·N·E·S) alongside the Whole Child Education (WCE) principles fosters resilient, adaptable, confident, and emotionally intelligent students who are prepared for success in all facets of life.


Balancing Family and Vision

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey to build WHILDE from the ground up, Jessica has masterfully navigated the challenges of maintaining work-life balance. At the heart of her world is her family. Despite the demanding nature of her work and the bustling home life with four daughters—three of whom are still under her roof—alongside her supportive husband, two loyal dogs, and a curious cat, Jessica thrives.

Her ability to embrace life's complexities with grace underlines her resilience. Jessica's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment not just to her personal and professional success, but also to nurturing the potential in each student. By exemplifying balance, determination, and compassion, she seeks to inspire those around her to achieve greatness in both academics and life.

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