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These WHILDE policies are effective as of July 24, 2023, and these WHILDE Policies are subject to change without notice.

We have crafted these policies with your STUDENT's well-being as our primary focus, and we kindly ask for your trust and collaboration in upholding these policies, ensuring your STUDENT achieves optimal progress during our time together.

Any payment made to The WHILDE Method or WHILDE, LLC {“WHILDE”} confirms that the Parent/Guardian {“PARENT”} and their STUDENT {“STUDENT”} understand and agree to these policies.

If you have questions about these WHILDE policies, please contact us at thrive@whilde.com.



WHILDE uses software called TeachWorks for scheduling, invoicing, and session notes. When a new family signs with WHILDE, they will receive an email invitation to log into this software.  Once a family has signed in, they can access the login page at: https://whilde.com/parentportal.


WHILDE finds assessing each Student and receiving Intake information essential to the success of our programs.

For our Students aged 5 - 10, we ask parents to fill out an Intake Form, and during the first session, we conduct a Learning Styles Assessment. We purposely wait until age 11 before assessing their Executive Function Skills.

For our Students aged 11 - 18, we ask parents to fill out an Intake Form, and during the first session, we conduct a learning Style and Executive Function Skills assessment.

Then, each WHILDE Executive Function assessment will be conducted every six months to mark the improvements made by the STUDENT.

Parents must understand that the WHILDE Learning Style and WHILDE Executive Function assessments are excellent tools to guide the Coach in their work with the STUDENT. Each new Coaching student will receive these assessments on their first scheduled session, AND we will also ask the parent to answer a thorough intake form before the first session.


The assessment will take one session with the STUDENT’s assigned coach.


The sessions are scheduled for one hour, but the actual 1:1 time will be between 50 - 55 min in length to allow for session notes and direct communication with the PARENT.



The Parent accepts full financial responsibility for these services and understands the pricing and billing policies.


WHILDE's Coaching pricing is based on the current posted rates, and pricing is per session, billed monthly in advance. There are no contracts nor set-up fees between WHILDE and the Families.


  • First invoice: The first invoice is billed and must be paid in full within 48 hours of the start of coaching services and will be calculated for the number of sessions for that first month. For example, If a student is scheduled to start on the 8th of a month, an invoice will be generated once the schedule has been agreed to for all scheduled sessions from the 8th to the end of that month.
  • Subsequent invoices: Subsequent invoices will be billed on the 15th of each month for the following month. For example, the invoice for March sessions will be issued on February 15th. If a student's first session with WHILDE starts after the 15th of a month, then the partial month and the following entire month will be invoiced.
  • Recurring payments: Families must allow recurring payments when the invoice is created on the 15th of each month. This means that the family's credit or debit card will be charged automatically on the 15th of each month for the upcoming month's sessions.
  • Variable session count: The number of sessions may vary monthly depending on WHILDE's vacation/holiday schedule or how the calendar falls for that student's session schedule. Download the WHILDE Calendar HERE.
  • Payment methods: Payments may be made by credit, debit card, or check.
  • Cancellations: Families may cancel at any time. However, there are no refunds for any paid invoices unless extenuating circumstances have occurred.
  • Pay as you go: Unfortunately, we no longer allow this option. We have found that monthly payments create a more substantial commitment to our Coaching service and enable families to plan financially.


  • A family may pay three months in advance and receive a 5% discount on the invoice.
  • A family may pay six months in advance and receive a 10% discount on the invoice.


  • Missed payments will stop services until payment is made. Notification by WHILDE to the Parent will be made via email if this happens.
  • Parents will have one week to rectify the payment. Failure to do so could cause the forfeit of my spot. A $30 fee will be applied to my account in case of a returned check.



At WHILDE, we schedule sessions four to six months in advance and aim to find a day/time that will work for your schedule and the Coaches. WHILDE will be flexible whenever possible; however, our program works best with a consistent schedule.

At the WHILDE Method, we look for Students and parents who are committed to their Coaching and desire to grow and expand their minds. Each session is essential, and the Students' attendance is expected.


Life happens, and we understand if you need to reschedule a session; please reach out to us at least 48 hours in advance, and we will work on finding a time that works for you and the Coach.

We do allow one rescheduled session every two months, but after that, we reserve the right to refuse the rescheduling. Rescheduling is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to make it happen.

Rescheduling will not result in a refund or a credit on your account and is based on the Coach's ability to accommodate the rescheduled request. If necessary, a substitute coach will meet with the Student to accommodate a rescheduled request. No refund will occur if the PARENT stops services with WHILDE and a rescheduled session is still outstanding.


If the STUDENT fails to attend a session or cancels their session without a 48-hour (2 days) advanced notification, the session will not be refundable nor available for rescheduling.

If the STUDENT is late to a session, Coaches will only wait for 15 minutes and will not try to contact the parent. If, after 15 minutes, the STUDENT still has not arrived, the session will be considered a "No-Show session" and is not eligible for rescheduling. I understand the Coach will not return to finish a session after that 15-minute grace period.

In unpredictable circumstances, please discuss with WHILDE to determine if any flexibility can be made to accommodate a missed or canceled session. In all cases, no credits or refunds will be distributed for missed sessions.


WHILDE does not follow any school district's cancellation and delay policies, mainly because our hours are different from the school day and conditions change throughout the day.

If there is inclement weather in the Yarmouth, Maine area and either the WHILDE Coach or the Student cannot reach the Learning Center safely, then the session will be held online via Zoom, and communication will occur via email. If an online option is not possible due to the Student's age (Students 8 and under) or either the Coach or Student does not have power or internet service, WHILDE will work on rescheduling that session. Rescheduling rules from above apply to all inclement weather rescheduling.



As a general rule, our Coaches will not be communicating with the STUDENT's teacher or support personnel. If the PARENT feels that communication with the Coach and the STUDENT's Teacher, then the PARENT is in charge of initiating contact with the teacher. If requested, we offer a one-time, fifteen-minute discussion between our Coach and the STUDENT's teacher for free. Any time after that will be billed out at $99.00 per hour, and travel requested by the PARENT will be billed out at $0.80 per mile for time/mileage.

You are welcome to forward weekly session notes from your Coach.


Parent / Coach communication is essential to the STUDENT's success that the Coach. After each session, the coach will communicate with the parent via the session notes email to discuss the Student's progress. Parents are also welcome to contact the coach with questions or concerns by responding to those emails.


The coach and the Student will communicate with the Student in a respectful and positive manner. Neither will engage in any behavior that is disrespectful or inappropriate.


We ask that students treat their time at WHILDE as a privilege and respect that others view their time at WHILDE similarly. We ask that Students display a good attitude during their session, including a willingness to participate.

Students are expected to actively participate in sessions and listen to the coach's instructions. The coach may end the session if a student refuses to participate or follow instructions.


WHILDE is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all coaching clients. All information shared during coaching sessions is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of WHILDE without the written consent of the parent or guardian.

There are a few exceptions to this policy:

  • If the Student discloses information that indicates they are a danger to themselves or others, the coach must break confidentiality and report the information to the appropriate authorities.
  • If the coach suspects the Student is being abused or neglected, the coach must break confidentiality and report the information to the appropriate authorities.
  • If the coach is subpoenaed to testify in court, the coach may be required to share information shared during coaching sessions.

In all other cases, WHILDE will not share any information shared during coaching sessions with anyone outside of WHILDE without the written consent of the parent or guardian.



When the session is held online, I agree to have each session recorded.


Parents must understand that WHILDE does use parts/pieces of sessions for marketing and training purposes. WHILDE will always notify me before using video for marketing purposes.


Parents must understand that STUDENT needs to come to the session with earbuds, a computer, and a mouse. The camera and microphone must be turned on.


Parents must understand that Students cannot use an iPhone / Phone or small smart device for online sessions at WHILDE.


By paying for any invoice, Parents understand and agree to all the above terms of service and policies from WHILDE. Failure to do so may forfeit your admittance and continued access to services.

Parents must understand and adhere to all the policies in this form.

Please send your questions or concerns to thrive@whilde.com


For all new students (a Student that has not attended a WHILDE program within one year), WHILDE offers a money-back guarantee if the Student and Parents determine that WHILDE is not a good fit within the first two sessions.

Our guarantee reads: If, after the New Student attends two sessions, the Parent does not feel WHILDE is the right match for their Child, WHILDE will discuss a new strategy OR a new Coach, OR WHILDE will refund you all Money paid, whichever you prefer.

A valuable resource for Neurodiverse students is:  Understood.org