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*  For students aged nine to twenty-nine.

*  Assessment is conducted by a trained WHILDE Method Coach

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FINALLY.... A FREE and EASY way for you to discover your child's Executive Function Strengths and Growth Opportunities.
A hassle-free approach to understanding your child's executive function capabilities.

Why A Parent Should Know What Their Child Rates in Each of the 12 Executive Functions.

√  Personalized Support: Every child is unique. Knowing their strengths and growth areas ensures support tailored to their individual needs.

√  Boosted Confidence: Recognizing and reinforcing strengths can significantly increase a child's self-esteem.

√  Targeted Interventions: Pinpointing growth areas allows for more effective and targeted interventions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

√  Efficient Progress: Understanding a child's starting point helps in setting realistic goals and tracking progress more efficiently.

√  Informed Decision Making: Parents and educators can make better-informed decisions about resources, tools, and strategies to aid the child's development.

...with organizing their thoughts, managing time, and handling everyday tasks was heartbreaking. Since we started coaching, there's been a notable shift in our child's confidence and ability to navigate challenges. He has become proactive in planning for assignments and tests, and his ability to maintain focus has significantly improved."  Morgan P - Parent
Knowing is better than Not Knowing.
Insight into Action: When it comes to our children's development, navigating their educational and personal journey without understanding their Executive Function scores is like embarking on a road trip without a map. These scores provide a comprehensive insight into a child's cognitive processes, such as their working memory, impulse control, and problem-solving abilities.
By knowing their scores, parents can make informed decisions, tailor support to specific needs, and celebrate the child's unique strengths. In contrast, without this knowledge, there's potential for misaligned support, unrecognized challenges, and missed growth opportunities. Taking the assessment isn't just about gaining information; it's about empowering parents and children alike to embark on a journey of informed growth and maximized potential.

√  This free No-Obligation 30-Minute Assessment is for Students ages nine - twenty-nine.

√  Click on the "Claim Your Free Assessment Today" Link. Fill out a short questionnaire and select a Day and time that will work for your child.

√  You will receive an email with a Zoom link. Your child will meet with a WHILDE Method-trained Coach. During the thirty-minute Assessment, your child will be asked a series of questions covering all twelve Executive Function Skills.

√  Once the Assessment has been completed, you will receive the results in email along with a twelve-page report outlining the results and definitions of each Executive Function and Strategies to help your child in each Executive Function Area.

√  This is a no-obligation assessment.  However, if you do wish to discuss support further with the WHILDE Method, please let us know!


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